Vodka & Juice Boxes

Adjusting from one kid to two or more

July 18, 2017

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Another great show with our in-studio guest, Jessica, mom of 6 and our awesome caller, all the way from New Jersey, Jackie, mom of 2, today as we talked about adjusting from one kid to more.

There is nothing like your first, but when your second one comes around, and you finally feel like you got this mom thing down and want to go full baby-mode, your first born has a different agenda and a whole set of different emoitons. 

So how to we maintain our realationship with our first born while enjoying the "baby bliss" that comes with the second? Listen in and get some cool tips from the crew and just sit back and laugh. Because we are all still learning here, and what may work one day may not work the next. DANG IT! 

Today's drink was Fun, Fizzy Sangria! With a little extra vodka and some fresh fruit of course. CHEERS!