Vodka & Juice Boxes

“Mom Guilt” It’s a Real Thing

September 12, 2017


#blessed When you're probably suppose to feel that way but you don't. Every time I hear a kid cry, my armpits sting, I start sweating and I'm pretty sure I stop breathing. Is every moment suppose to be blissful, because it doesn't seem that way. Are we doing it right? This episode of "Mom Guilt" It's a Real Thing - we talked about those weird expectations we put on ourselves that weigh in on us and keep us from just saying fuck it and start enjoying ourselves as parents .. I know what guilts me (Amanda) is completely different than what guilts Juliet and Jess. Tune in and find out!


This shows drink was simple and DELICIOUS ... I think the best one yet. Fresh squeezed grapefruit from Amanda's tree, touch of sugar and a whole-lotta vodka! CHEERS!

Oh and when you listen in and hear why Jess was late, here is the cutest pic (to other mom's LOL cuz it wasn't our kid) of the incident. Jess, you are both our heroes!