Vodka & Juice Boxes

New Show - New Mom

June 20, 2017

The CrewHere it is. Our very first pilot episode. 

Vodka and Juice Boxes is an audio lunch break with your new best friends. A chance for you girls to tune in, no matter what schedule you have. Life gets so busy sometimes that we forget to slow down and find time to take care of ourselves! Sometimes mom need a break! It's important that we recognize that and allow ourselves to do so without the guilt. so no matter what your day looks like, my sister and I would like to hang out. Let's sit down, relax and chat about kids, family and life, with no filter. This is a safe place for you to get it out. We are in no way professionals in any field, though we may have some guests who are, but need to just get somethings off our chest. The good, the bad, the ugly and all the bullshit in between!

For this lunch date, Amanda whipped up thier favortie, Dirty Martinis with Blue Cheese Olives. 

Shake it up, Amanda

For our first episode, we wanted to talk about who we are and what brought us here. Especially our name. So listen in to find out the juicey details. 

Our guest, Pricilla, Amanda's "Super Best Friend" as quoted LOL talks about becoming a new mom. The real struggles between being tired and true love, the kind of stuff that only you and your girl friends vent and cry about. Listen in and see if you can relate!

Here is our recipie for our delicious Dirty Martinis! Tune in the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 2pm on