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Where My Girls At - Friendship

November 10, 2017

This episode is a shout out to all my girlfriends that let me lose my shit in public over my kid losing a shoe and much less than that.. As lame as it sounds, It really does take a village. Whenever it felt like doubt, stress or hormones we're about to win, at least one friend stepped in to save the day letting me know they had the same exact shitty morning no matter how different our parenting styles and ended my day on the highest note possible with a hug.. or a drink. Both work. Listen in while we let it all out with honest stories and experiences💃🏻

In the studio is my childhood best friend Pricilla LOL


And my Jersey girl Jackie. The three of us have an insane group message going on, and it's honestly one of the main things that leep me going. 


Just as important as it is for your kids to have a best friend and a solid crew, moms and dads alike, need the same. Honest people in thier lives that hold us accountable, don't judge (too hard) and a ear to cry and scream in. Cheers

Juliet wasn't here this show, but she isn't far. CHEERS!