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My Postpartum Story

My Postpartum Story

March 2, 2018

We're back homies!! Everyone meet Heather.


She will be joining us along with Jessica in the studio to talk about some real shit... postpartum. This is a topic that both of our girls (including ourselves) feel pretty strongly about and believe should be discussed more.

Both Jessica and Heather opened up and shared thier owne experiences with Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety. As hard as we tried to hold back our tears, these real stories, real emotions tugged at all our hearts as we have all felt something like the stories shared.


Thank you Heather and Jessica for keeping it real, offering advice and more importantly, being so BAD ASS.

Listen in!

Cocktail Hour:




This episode's cocktail was an AMAZING Lavender Infused LemonDrop ... WOW!!!! Check out for the recipe. 

New Years … Whatever

New Years … Whatever

January 5, 2018

Happy New Years ... or just another day ...


This Episode "New Years and whatever" explores resolutions, declarations and a bunch of other goals we attempt to set for ourselves and the New Year comes and goes. For Juliet, it's just another day. For Amanda and Jessica, it's a great restart. During this eposiode, we made some good break throughs while thinking out loud amongst ourselves today! Wish Amanda luck on her standard bed time and food revelation with her oldest kid this year🙏🏽 Juliet wants more time to play with the kids instead of working. Jessica just wants some damn peace and quite. Tune in and laugh with us. Cheers to 2018🥂

Today's Drink: Wilson's Creek Belini topped with a mint leaf that kept getting in our way LOL


Christmas & Shit

Christmas & Shit

December 2, 2017


Vodka and Juice Boxes is on location here at Juliet's house today! We didn't feel like leaving the house. We've got our drinks ready and we're going on live in the next five minutes! We'll be recoding on Facebook live and will have the podcast up immediately after for those who want to listen in at work! Cheers! 🥂💃🏻🎄p.s we apologize in advance for all the screaming kids👌🏽


Today's drink was a Christmas White Russion - Peppermint Kalua, vodka and milk rimmed with crushed candy canes!! 


We wush you a Merry Christmas!!!!

Where My Girls At - Friendship

Where My Girls At - Friendship

November 10, 2017

This episode is a shout out to all my girlfriends that let me lose my shit in public over my kid losing a shoe and much less than that.. As lame as it sounds, It really does take a village. Whenever it felt like doubt, stress or hormones we're about to win, at least one friend stepped in to save the day letting me know they had the same exact shitty morning no matter how different our parenting styles and ended my day on the highest note possible with a hug.. or a drink. Both work. Listen in while we let it all out with honest stories and experiences💃🏻

In the studio is my childhood best friend Pricilla LOL


And my Jersey girl Jackie. The three of us have an insane group message going on, and it's honestly one of the main things that leep me going. 


Just as important as it is for your kids to have a best friend and a solid crew, moms and dads alike, need the same. Honest people in thier lives that hold us accountable, don't judge (too hard) and a ear to cry and scream in. Cheers

Juliet wasn't here this show, but she isn't far. CHEERS!


Bring in the Dads - Amanda’s Birthday Special

Bring in the Dads - Amanda’s Birthday Special

October 20, 2017


It's my birthday! And all I wanted was to have my favorite dad's here in the studio with us. We're getting better and better with each podcast even though we're still learning how to not talk over each other😬, today was one of my favorites! With our husbands as guests we were able to gets a father's perspective and hear their thoughts on being a parent. We had such a great time.


Today's cocktail was a classic Old Fashion with Jefferson Burbon. Muttled cherries, orange peel, simple syurp and burbon. It was perfect!


Thanks again Bryan and Aaron!!


Boob Slaves

Boob Slaves

September 29, 2017


Breastfeeding - now that's a topic everyone has an opinion on, and in some cases, very strong opinions. Today's #ConfessionSession will be about the love/hate (for some, more hate than love 😜) of being a boob slave. For this episode, we had our very special guest, Elena, in the studio with us as we explore the crazy world of being a "boob slave" as Amanda and I call it. But then again, for some, it's the most incredible thing. There is no right or wrong here. We do what we feel is best and that's that. So grab a drink, listen in and let's get real! 


The beautiful Elena


Coconut Mojitos ... these were incredible! 


“Mom Guilt” It’s a Real Thing

“Mom Guilt” It’s a Real Thing

September 12, 2017


#blessed When you're probably suppose to feel that way but you don't. Every time I hear a kid cry, my armpits sting, I start sweating and I'm pretty sure I stop breathing. Is every moment suppose to be blissful, because it doesn't seem that way. Are we doing it right? This episode of "Mom Guilt" It's a Real Thing - we talked about those weird expectations we put on ourselves that weigh in on us and keep us from just saying fuck it and start enjoying ourselves as parents .. I know what guilts me (Amanda) is completely different than what guilts Juliet and Jess. Tune in and find out!


This shows drink was simple and DELICIOUS ... I think the best one yet. Fresh squeezed grapefruit from Amanda's tree, touch of sugar and a whole-lotta vodka! CHEERS!

Oh and when you listen in and hear why Jess was late, here is the cutest pic (to other mom's LOL cuz it wasn't our kid) of the incident. Jess, you are both our heroes!


Screen Time, Me Time

Screen Time, Me Time

August 30, 2017


We all do it ... When the kids are going crazy, even when they are not going crazy and we just need a freakin' minute, we give them the iPad or phone, we turn on a movie and give them a bowl of cherrios, when we need just 5 mor minutes to finsih our cocktail with our husbands, we give them the phone ... Is there something wrong with this? Listen in as we (Amanda and Juliet) and our special guest, Joey, mom of 4, dive into the topic of phones, tablets, video games and tv!How much time is too much according to professionals and what are your rules to favorite movies and apps. 



Our delicious, low calorie cocktail was another fun margarita. All you need is Laughing Glass Margarita mix and a splash of la croix and CHEERS!



Go the EFF to sleep - Bedtime

Go the EFF to sleep - Bedtime

August 15, 2017

"Once upon a time ... and then the little girl stayed in bed like she was suppose to so the monsters wouldn't eat her, the end." 


BEDTIME ... Just saying the word makes us grown. I don't have a handle on this shit and I'm not completely bothered by it really. From routines, bed times, bottles to melatonin ... We'll try anyting. Listen in and here how I simply wing it each night, tricks that work for my sister and how, our guest co-host, Jessica, throws down with 6 kids!

So grab your night cap, take a seat, relax and listen. 


Adjusting from one kid to two or more

Adjusting from one kid to two or more

July 18, 2017

E03_Amanda.jpg  E03_Crew.jpg 


Another great show with our in-studio guest, Jessica, mom of 6 and our awesome caller, all the way from New Jersey, Jackie, mom of 2, today as we talked about adjusting from one kid to more.

There is nothing like your first, but when your second one comes around, and you finally feel like you got this mom thing down and want to go full baby-mode, your first born has a different agenda and a whole set of different emoitons. 

So how to we maintain our realationship with our first born while enjoying the "baby bliss" that comes with the second? Listen in and get some cool tips from the crew and just sit back and laugh. Because we are all still learning here, and what may work one day may not work the next. DANG IT! 

Today's drink was Fun, Fizzy Sangria! With a little extra vodka and some fresh fruit of course. CHEERS!