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All Grown Up - Now What

All Grown Up - Now What

May 1, 2019


From the moment we become pregnant, our world changes... that’s an understatement. Everything we do from that moment on is for our kids. We adapt to this new normal of being needed every minute of the day. But what happens when, one day, they don’t “need” you anymore? As our children grow, their independence grows as well and soon they are off in the world making their own decisions, chasing their own dreams. So now what? Once again, we have to adapt to another new normal. So how do we, as women and mothers, focus on ourselves?

Join us with special guest mom, @jenniferllovely, mom of two and life coach, and hear about her journey through the years and where she is now. How her world has changed through love, loss and addiction and the tools she uses to practice self-care and be the best woman she desires to be.


Jennifer offered some incredible insight into how to care for yourself before its too late. Listen in!



The sisters are all smiles! Thanks Jennifer, you are amazing!



Alcoholism in the Family

Alcoholism in the Family

February 22, 2019

Here on VJB, we like to talk about the things most of us try to hide from the world. If you have been following and listening, you know that we get down and dirty with some of our real-life conversations with our parents we have on our show. 

This next episode is an extremely important topic; Alcoholism. Think we are being hypocritical? Don't think that for a minute. Cocktails, wine, champagne, a good glass of whiskey, we love it all. But there is a huge difference between enjoying cocktails with friends and being dependent on them. DYK an estimated 6.6 million children under the age of 18 living in households with at least one alcoholic parent in America? This is why we have asked our very special guests to share their story.

This podcast will be an anonymous show, where two moms share their current stories of living with an alcoholic husband. One who is working through the 12 Steps with her husband, the other had enough and became a single mother to protect her kids. Hear their incredible stories of love, loss and hope. .

Single Moms Dating - Valentine’s Special

Single Moms Dating - Valentine’s Special

February 11, 2019


Yup ... We could only imagine! LOL

Hey everyone!!! Meet Priscilla and Cheree! Single moms in the thick of the dating scene. It has been over 16 years since Juliet has "dated" and about 8 years since Amanda has prowled the streets looking for her prey ... Things have definitely changed in regards to the dating scene and these two moms have the dirt. So listen in as these fabulous women spill the beans on what it’s like to date as a single mom. We’ll hear all about the awful dates, the good ones, what game these guys are spittin’ these days and where to even look for someone. 

VJB_Single_Moms_04.jpg VJB_Single_Moms_03.jpg

Sipping on some Jameson and soda ... We have way too much fun!


Tales from the Stepmom

Tales from the Stepmom

January 20, 2019


Our latest episode on STEPPARENTS is up!! We had so much fun doing this one. My sister and I got to talk about what it was like as kids growing up with stepparents (the good ones and the evil ones) and we got to hear Jessica and April talk about what it’s like on their end as the step-mother and their struggles with the bio parents and their step-kids. 

We gained some real insight from the stepmoms themselves as on how we viewed our own stepparents ... very interesting. Lots of laughs and great drinks. 

Watch our episode here






2018 Christmas Special - Santa, Spiked Eggnog and Crazy Traditions

2018 Christmas Special - Santa, Spiked Eggnog and Crazy Traditions

December 21, 2018

Listen in with our very special mom guests, Jessica and Toni, as we chat about everything Christmas! From the magic of believing in Santa, what to say when your kid asks if Santa is real, Christmas traditions and hilarious holiday memories, all the while sipping on some classic spiked eggnog (organic and low fat of course 😂) Big hair, ugly Christmas sweaters and a shit ton of cheer ✨🥂

Banter, Banter, silly chatter. Real conversation from some very spirited moms. 


To see us in action, watch this episode on Facebook at


VJB_Christmas_Selfie_01.jpg VJB_Christmas_Selfie_03.jpg


VJB_Christmas_Selfie_004.jpg VJB_Christmas_Selfie_02.jpg



Never Too Old

Never Too Old

June 22, 2018

Never_Too_Old_Image.jpgI (Amanda) am so nosey, even though I try to hide it enough to keep my friends 👀 Anyway this podcast we will have special guest, Danielle, to tell us her story of having her first child at 51 years old.

“I’ve always been a late bloomer in big life decisions. I didn't start a real working career until I was 30...I didn't get married until I was 39 and I didn't have a baby until I was 51. And even now starting a children's clothing line at 52 I continue to bloom on my own time...”. -Danielle. 

Tune in the hear Danielle’s inspiring story of life, loss, growth and triumph.


Keeping it simple and bubbly this show with some Champange as we try out a new studio.

Social Media - The impact is has on how we parent

Social Media - The impact is has on how we parent

June 3, 2018


Today we are in the studio with our very special mom guest, Rachell to talk about the imact social media has on us all. We asked Rachel on the show becuase, believe it or not, she is not on social media and we want to know why. We are all on it and off it for many reasons. Join us as we talk about the impact social has on how we parent, how we shop and how we keep our kids safe. 

PS: Don't mind Juliet telling Paul to shut up 100 times LOL But someone needed to do it ahahhahaha


Today's drink was a Jalepeno infused margarita! AMAZING!!


Tune in to get the recipe. 

Multiples - Twins and Triplets oh my!

Multiples - Twins and Triplets oh my!

May 23, 2018


Wow! After this episode, you are going to need multiple cocktails. Thanks so much to our special guests, Shelby and Julie, for hanging out today! Julie on the left is a mother of 4 year old triplets. Shelby on the right is a mother to one year old twins. They shared thier journeys of infertility, NICU and juggling it all. So grab a drink and listen in, becuase their stories are freaking amazing. 



Today's Cocktail was an Expresso Martini, requested by Shelby "I need coffee in everything" LOL

Here is a recipe from 

4 oz. chilled coffee or espresso {I usually use a french press to make double strength espresso ;)}

2 oz. Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka {you can also use, vanilla, fluffed or any other similar flavored vodka

just a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream


Fill a cocktail shaker with lots of ice, pour in coffee, vodka & Bailey’s-shake INTENSELY {crucial to create that wonderful foamy deliciousness} for 30 seconds.

Pour into your favorite martini glass, garnish with three coffee beans and savor your Skinny Espresso Martini!

Mr. Mom - Raising a Teen Daughter

Mr. Mom - Raising a Teen Daughter

April 26, 2018



Curfews, makeup, training bras, real bras, mood swings, BOYS!… Raising kids as a single parent is never easy, but raising a teenage daughter as a single dad?

Well, that can be frustrating at best and sheer torture at worst. From boyfriends and prom dresses to teen angst, drugs and alcohol, navigating those teen girl waters isn’t easy for a grown man. Join us this Thursday at 1pm with our special guest, Tony Penn @pennultimate_ as we dive into his ever changing world of being Mr. Mom. Read his blog: Heaven and Hell: 5 tips for single dads raising a teen daughter


It was so fun hearing about his everyday adventures and struggles being a single dad. So much love. 



Cocktail of the hour was a simple and refreshing combiination of fresh squeezed ruby grapfruit, sugar and vodka. It was perfect!


Lunch Boxes to Bullies - School Life Tales

Lunch Boxes to Bullies - School Life Tales

March 11, 2018


School is inevitable if you have kids. Whether your kid goes to private, public, charter, home school and so on, the issues of packing lunches, what to wear to bullies (parents and kids) happen at all schools. 

Juliet and I are preparing to put our first in TK and Kindergardern ... We never thought we'd have to tour schools, get on waiting lists and possibly pay thousands of dollars for kindergarden AHHHHHHH And then once your in, how to you and your child navigate these waters that you were in over 20 years ago!


Charlotte, our guest, is in the thick of it with her two boys. From uneatten lunches to total stand-offs with a parent, she has some awesome tips and feedback for a healthy, safe and thriving school yard enviroemtn for all of us. 

Listen in!

Our drink today was a FROZEN MARGARITA! Slushy watermellon, raspberry and mint... AMAZING!



Here is a recipe!