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Screen Time, Me Time

August 30, 2017


We all do it ... When the kids are going crazy, even when they are not going crazy and we just need a freakin' minute, we give them the iPad or phone, we turn on a movie and give them a bowl of cherrios, when we need just 5 mor minutes to finsih our cocktail with our husbands, we give them the phone ... Is there something wrong with this? Listen in as we (Amanda and Juliet) and our special guest, Joey, mom of 4, dive into the topic of phones, tablets, video games and tv!How much time is too much according to professionals and what are your rules to favorite movies and apps. 



Our delicious, low calorie cocktail was another fun margarita. All you need is Laughing Glass Margarita mix and a splash of la croix and CHEERS!